Anthrocon Registration

I had finally made it to the convention center. The first order of business was to register. I had read on the Anthrocon blog that we needed to report to the "B" room to register. The map by the elevator showed that "B" was on floor 2. When I got to the second floor, I found some other lost people and some furries in costume.

So I asked the boys in suits whether they knew where registration was located. A dude in a dinosaur get up told me he could show me. Another wolf creature with Mega Man weaponry shook his head in agreement. I let Dinosaur Dude lead the way. We got stuck in the elevator for a minute or so. After banging on the 3R button, the doors finally opened.

The Dinosaur got lost himself. However Mega Man motioned that he knew the way. It was slow going as many people wanted pictures of Mega Man. Dinosaur also seemed to lag behind a bit. In the end, we found what seemed to be a long line for registration. It moved quickly though. We saw quite a few furries in costume there though.