Video Game Industry

There was one main session I wanted to attend at Anthrocon 2009 today. That was "Furs in the Video Game Industry". This was a question and answer session with insiders from the video game industry.

At first nobody seemed to want to ask questions. So I did. Then when nobody else raised their hands, I told the panel that I would gladly monopolize the session with my multiple questions. After that there seemed to be more people ready to ask questions.

Now I imagine I should save the technical details for a Gaming Blog, but I will share some details here. There was a recommendation to show that you can get a project to completion. You should also be able to demonstrate that you can work in groups. A college degree is important to get a job as a game programmer, as is a good portfolio. There was a big discussion about crunch time that was initiated by a question from the audience. Stay tuned for more highlights of today's Anthrocon 2009.