Intro to Anthrocon

We slept in this morning. By the time we showered and left the hotel, we had already missed the opening ceremonies for Anthrocon. Oh well. I located a Chinese buffet close to our hotel. The walk seemed shorter in person than it did on the map.

After arriving at the Golden Palace Buffet in downtown Pittsburgh, we found the place empty. I did not see any buffet. So I asked the guy behind the counter where the buffet was. He directed me upstairs. We were seated. But it was strange. I figured we might as well help myself. But what about the drinks? I saw a soda fountain, but somebody had jammed some pitchers in the place where you get the fountain drinks. I stood there for a while trying to figure out what to do. Eventually an employee came and told me he would bring me some drinks. What were they waiting for? The food at this joint was not top notch. I would not recommend it.

Things looked up once we headed to the Westin Hotel for "So This Is Your First Anthrocon". We were early, and we sneaked into the side of the room to watch the end of "First Time Fursuiter Program". They were explaining how to deal with sweating in a fur suit. The intro to Anthrocon followed. The presenters were funny. They told a good deal of stories. I found out that Anthrocon is a non profit organization. We were also directed to make sure we eat right and get enough rest. There is some strange set of rules for using the elevators in the hotel. For the rest of the day we opted to use the escalators. The real treat came when we met the creator of Wubbzy. More on that later.