Rules for Writing Fiction

The final session from Anthrocon 2009 that I attended today was Rules For Writing Good Furry Fiction. It was presented by Terry Wessner, who was the published and editor of "Fang, Claw, and Steel". You may recall that long running zine about lycanthropes.

This was a knock out session for writing fiction. The session ran way over time. But most of us stayed the whole time. I knew this was going to be a great session when a bunch of us were waiting outside the room prior to the session starting. At the start time, we busted into the room and disrupted the prior session that was trying to run overtime. I bet they were like, "WTF?"

Now I know I cannot go over all that I learned from Terry today. I took feverish notes the whole time. There were handouts provided at the end. But I had more than my share of notes from the session. Terry shared the secret of writing good fiction. For that you will have to consult my future blog posts on All Things Blogger.